6. January 2018

Micro Cleaner

The Micro Cleaner.
Sustainable and ecological.

We are still cleaning as we did 50 years ago.

  • In a variety of areas we are developing sustainable and ecological alternatives. In contrast, we are still cleaning, wiping and polishing as we did 50 years ago.
  • By reason of our traditional methods of wiping we accept remaining residues in form of dirt, surfactants and minerals.

Chemicals as a hazard of germs

  • Functioning as an ideal culture medium for germs, they complicate the daily cleaning and disinfection.
  • Expediture of time, additional cleaning products and a ‚sanitary‘ uncertainty, especially during controls, are just a minor selection of results.

Micro-dry steam. Originally developed for industrial and sustainable cleaning of all surfaces in hotels, hospitals – everywhere- of course, also at home.

  • The power of major, industrial cleaning systems compacted in a handy ´Green cleaning´system: The Mirco Cleaner.
  • At over 180°under the pressure of over 9 bar, the cleaner produces a dry steam which functions without any chemicals guaranteeing a deep cleanliness for all surfaces.
  • Micro-dry-steam, also known as condensed water in fine nebulisation, has no surface tension and is thus able to penetrate smallest micro structures in surfaces. Guaranteeing the best cleaning results which are often astonishing.
  • Suitable for continuous operation by reason of patented boiler technology and high-performance, self-decalcification of the heating element.

Micro-dry-steam. For sustainably cleaned surfaces. Excluding chemicals. Deep. Residue-free.

  • Environmentally friendly: Cleaning without chemicals
  • Up to 100% reduction of cleaning products
  • Water savings: Cleanes practically without water
  • Residue-free: Spotless (Surfactants, proteins) which are a hazard for germs
  • Ideal for frequent basic cleaning as re-arising contamination is minimised.
  • Fast removing of grease and residues in kitchens on tiles/floors, facilities and every critical area in all types of rooms.
  • HACCP-compliant
  • Shorter time requirement in addition to high minimisation of costs

 Conventional Cleaning vs Micro Cleaner

Micro Cleaner – Simple, compact and user-friendly

Ideal for all surfaces ensuring basic and maintenance cleaning

Fast, sanitary and residue-free on all types of floor including a reach up to 10m using the mop system.

Fast and efficient in use – to clean critical areas and facilities

Removing grease and severe contamination effortlessly. Ideal for the basic cleaning – also for kitchen floors.

Sanitary and residue-free, creating the best basis for effective disinfection while wiping.

Establishment of a sustainable and saintary cleaning standard ensuring a great additional value for you, your employees and customers!

KABEF GbR and partners have experience in industry and dry-steam processes in cleaning procedures for over 30 years.

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